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Lumosasd, Kathlene Kaye S.

Definition Paragraph

         A Definition Paragraphs is a kind of paragraph explaining a subject.

How to write a Definition Paragraph

  • use meanings that is not common
  • let your words be simple so that the readers can relate to you
  • add your own ideas
  • state some examples
  • edit for some errors



           Work is an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. Work is an important part of our lives – it shapes our lives. It save us from dullness and boredom. Works gives us an inner creative joy. It also creates balance within yourselves and to the people around you. Work makes you a worthy human being and it makes you think that you have a life to live – it makes our life meaningful and peaceful. It gives us satisfaction.

           Work also gives us money to buy what we want and to help the one’s we love. Therefore, work also helps us to be better. Work is very tiring, yes. But it is better than having none at all.  Imagine yourself waking up every morning with the sound of your alarm clock and get ready for today’s work, and then going home afterwards with cash on hand than waking up every morning to drink beer, eat pizza, watch TV, and then sleep again. Work helps maintain our health. Without doing something for a long time can bring disorders to your body but work help us use our energies properly. Without work can make us physically unhealthy and mentally unhappy.  Even old janitors are glad to have work than staying in their home. Work makes you human. Work makes you a living body. Work sometimes, make you think of things that comes by at hand. It helps you think about the future and plan for it. Work helps you to get ready.

             Work is needed by people as much as Robin Hood needs his bow and arrow. Because work also helps you battle life’s reality. Work is  very important that it shouldn’t be missed by any human being. Like education, it is also a key to success.


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