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       Hundred of years ago, people around the world were given a gift of bending or controlling an element. They were called air nomads, fire benders, water benders, and earth benders. As a result, the world was split into four nations. The fire nation, air nation, water nation, and the earth nation. The world live in peace through the guidance and understanding of an Avatar – a person who can master all the four elements, the one that preserves peace among the world and the reincarnation of the previous Avatar.


For many years they remained like this until the emperor of the fire nation wished to be on top of the other nations. With the absence of the Avatar who got married, the Emperor went through with his plan hearing that the Avatar of that generation died due to hid old age. The new reincarnation of the avatar of the new generation would come from the air nation. After the death of the previous avatar, the new avatar was born in the existence of the air nomad named Aang. Aang was raised in the Southern Air Temple by monks. Aang, being very stubborn and a hard-headed child, was punished by the monks trapping him in a huge ball of ice.


The fire nation, on the other hand, knowing that the avatar would be an air nomad, decided to attack and kill all the air nomads, including the avatar. So the monks hide Aang (still trapped) underwater for him to be safe. The fire nation thought that they had kill all the air nomads, including the avatar. News was spread stating that the bloodline of the avatar was stopped. The fire nation went through with their plan while the other nation gave up all the hopes they had to stand against the fire nation. Meanwhile, two kinds from the fire nation named Sokka and Kitara discovered him. 

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They took care of Aang until he was well again. When Aang discovered and remembered that he is the most powerful above all, and having the powers of being an Avatar, he became boastful and proud of himself. Very opposite of what everybody thinks; the Avatar who can defeat the fire nation and bring peace to the world once again. One night, while Sokka and Kitara was about to bring food to Aangs tent, they  heard and seen Aang went through Avatar’s state and meditated saying that he would kill every leader of every nation and build a kingdom of cruel and selfish benders and kill anyone who would go against him. The two kids were shocked and ran to ask for help.

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The two kids ask for help to the prince of the fire nation to defeat Aang, given that he would destroy the himself instead of fixing it. Zoku, the prince of the fire nation challenged the Avatar into a fight. Upon battling with the avatar, Zoku realized that no man nor a single nation could defeat the Avatar. The only way that Aang could be stopped is for the 3 remaining elements to fight as one. 


Zoku escaped the battle and forced his father to make amendments with the other nations to defeat the avatar. The amendments were made and they fight Aang. For a day they tried to defeat the avatar but they can’t.

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They changed their plan and they simultaneously attacked until they managed to put a bruise on the Avatar’s face. An that bruise doubled, and then tripled, until it covered his whole body. Then the Avatar fell to his knees    

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They won the battle and locked the avatar in the biggest, strongest, and farthest place they could find. 

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In the end, the avatar still did his duty to the world. He just did it the hard way. Nevertheless, the Avatar still brought peace to the world once again.

The End.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”