a happy writing :)


Lumosad, Kathlene Kaye S.


During our English-2 class, our Professor gave us an activity which entitled “MY FIRST _________” and asks us to draw a staircase in a piece of bond paper. In each stair, we will draw our experience step by step until we reach the top where a door is placed. After explaining the activity, I brainstormed for possible experiences that I can write and draw. Some ideas came rushing through my head like my first Zip line ride, my first time of having a friend, my first day of class in college, and many more. But I thought those topic would be difficult to draw. Then a light bulb came into my head and TING! – An idea came into my mind. The first time I did a report in College.

So I draw a staircase composed of seven steps. On the first step, I draw myself (although it doesn’t look like me) sitting while listening to my Professor gave my report. On the second step, I draw myself going home depressed and nervous for my report tomorrow. I faced the computer screen thinking nothing for the first few minutes until I had an idea on how to make my report. On the next step, I already finish my report after two hours. On the fifth step, it shows that I am already in front of my classmates – reporting. And my heart starts hammering in my chest. After that, on the sixth step, I draw myself confidently reporting while hearing the soft murmur of my classmates saying ‘nice’, ‘great job’, and so on. And I also heard my Professor saying excellent. On the last step, beside the door, I draw myself with a paper having my grade in it. I was so happy because my Professor gave me a high grade for my report.

Dimaporo. Sittie Hidaya G.

After what maam told to us what are we going to do, i put in my mind that it was my mom, she was the main subject that i would draw. But it’s hard for me because i really don’t know how to draw except, if it has a picture or something to imitate it. I searched a picture that i could imitate which is related to my topic, until i found it and these are all the pictures what i mean. On that picture which i have drawn, there are three moments that i have been experienced. From that first picture, that is my family, A happy family, we are always bonding in one another especially when it is weekends that we don’t have much things to do. Even we’re just in our home we’re always enjoying the moment that we spend with our parents for a short period of time. But a day came that our happy face became a sad face when our mother got sicked, which is actually what i have draw on the second picture, She had encountered some common disease in our country and it was particularly a Cervical Cancer. Until one day she passed away because of that disease she had, and which is actually drawn on the third picture. We think that it was a nightmare for us. The happy face and joyful days we had before was now as contrary of that. Most of the time we’re always sad than happy right now. Most of the time when i remember those moments that i have been experienced it seems like i am the only person who cried a lot because of the love i gave for my mother. And that picture which i have been drawn is entitled of “My first Heart Broken”.


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